Peter Lilley MP - Working for Hitchin and Harpenden


If you are a constituent and need my help or want to let me know your views, please write or email me. You can also see me personally at my regular advice centres.




"Thank you for taking so much trouble on my behalf."

- Mrs J. W., Hitchin


"Thank you for fighting to protect our 'Green Belt'."

- Mrs C. M., Preston


"The influence your involvement has made is amazing. I would like to thank you very much for your support, and help."

- Miss K. S., Redbourn


"Your quick action on my behalf caused this to happen, and I am most grateful."

- Ms S. R., Harpenden




Recent Press Release:


Govia Thameslink

Lilley Urges Rail Minister to Take Action over Govia Thameslink

- Wednesday, 12th April 2017


The disruption my constituents have to deal with on a daily basis is unacceptable...


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Recent Speech in Parliament:


EU and British Flags

The Government's Plan for Brexit

- Wednesday, 7th December 2016


If their primary concern is the economic wellbeing of their people, they will choose to continue with free trade.


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Recent Publication:



Hard Brexit: Should the UK Consider it?

- Wednesday, 22nd February 2017


It is important to recognize that if there is no deal and we trade with the EU on Most Favoured Nation terms the UK will be better off...


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Attendance at Peter Lilley's surgeries is by appointment. Please call the constituency office to book a time.


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- Friday, 5th May 2017


St Albans, Jersey Farm Community Centre, St Albans, AL4 9QY


3:00 - 6:00pm


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