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This website is an archive of Peter Lilley's work as a Member of Parliament for Hitchin and Harpenden. Peter is no longer a serving MP.




"Thank you for taking so much trouble on my behalf."

- Mrs J. W., Hitchin


"Thank you for fighting to protect our 'Green Belt'."

- Mrs C. M., Preston


"The influence your involvement has made is amazing. I would like to thank you very much for your support, and help."

- Miss K. S., Redbourn


"Your quick action on my behalf caused this to happen, and I am most grateful."

- Ms S. R., Harpenden




Most Recent Press Release:



Peter Lilley refers Channel 4 to Ofcom

- Saturday, 27th January 2018


I am writing to refer to you breaches of the Ofcom code by Vera Productions and Channel 4 in their Dispatches programme...


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Most Recent Speech in Parliament:


Cargo Ship

Trade and Customs Deal

- Thursday, 27th April 2017


The Government are right to seek a continuing free trade agreement with the European Union...


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Most Recent Publication:


Brexit Central

The Deceit at the Heart of Chequers

- Wednesday, 3rd October 2018


The back history is as follows: Chequers replaced a previous 'cunning plan' that had been rejected by a Cabinet committee...


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