"New Garden Cities must play part in meeting Housing Needs"

- Wednesday, 18th November 2015



North Herts Council "must be ambitious about the timescale for delivery of a new garden city settlement" the Minister for Housing and Planning has told Peter Lilley and fellow local MPs, Sir Oliver Heald and Stephen McPartland.


The MPs had written to him urging him to support inclusion of a garden city in the current plan.


Peter Lilley said: "I am glad the Housing Minister has called for the Council to be 'ambitious' about including a garden city in our district plan. At the same time I recognise that the Council is concerned about how long it will take to implement such proposals. But there is a danger that concerns about potential delays become self-fulfilling. If the council presses ahead and finds obstacles in its way, I will do all in my power to persuade Ministers to act to remove those obstacles. And I know my fellow MPs will do likewise. The Minister's reply suggests he will be helpful in expediting approvals.


"I recognise that a garden city will not be a magic bullet removing all pressure to build elsewhere. The housing crisis is so grave that we will still need a lot of infill and peripheral house building – but somewhat less than if we forego the garden city option."



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"New Garden Cities must play part in meeting Housing Needs"


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