Hitchin and Harpenden Schools' Debating Competition to Take Place in Parliament

- Wednesday, 1st March 2017



Students from Hitchin Boys, Hitchin Girls, The Priory, Roundwood Park, Saint George's, Sir John Lawes and St Albans High School for Girls will compete in two age categories for the title.


Each school will enter teams of two in two age categories (year 10-11 and year 12-13). Each team will have two weeks to prepare, before debating a set motion against a team from another school. The winners from each debate will be chosen by an impartial panel of judges, who will also select one overall winning team from each age category. The overall winners will be presented with the coveted Hitchin and Harpenden Schools' Debating Shield at the end of the day.


Peter said: "I am delighted that a record number of schools in fact all the state schools in my constituency will take part this year. I am always impressed by the standard of debate, and am looking forward to seeing how the students tackle this year's topics. I have arranged for this year's competition to be held in two of the historic committee rooms in the Palace of Westminster, which I hope will add something special to the students' experience of the day."



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Hitchin and Harpenden Schools' Debating Competition to Take Place in Parliament


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