Lilley Urges Rail Minister to Take Action over Govia Thameslink

- Wednesday, 12th April 2017


Govia Thameslink

Peter Lilley has joined forces with Anne Main MP (St Albans) in a strongly-worded letter, demanding a meeting with the Rail Minister and representatives from Govia.


Peter said: "The disruption my constituents have to deal with on a daily basis is unacceptable, and is compounded by inadequate communication, leaving the routes in chaos. It has been continuing for far too long, and there has been worryingly little improvement recently. Users of the Thameslink service are not eligible for the same levels of compensation as those who use the Southern network, which is hugely unfair. My constituents pay among the highest rail fares in the country and expect a service that they can rely on to get them to where they need to be. We have made the situation very clear to the Minister, and hope to be able to discuss the matter with him and with Govia as a matter of urgency."


Read the full letter here.



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Lilley Urges Rail Minister to Take Action over Govia Thameslink


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